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When you're looking for a company that can load, unload, move, disassemble, assemble, erect, install, level, align, or anchor your machinery and equipment... Finding the right service company can sometimes be a challenge. The terms (machinery movers, erectors, rigging, construction, and Millwright) get used pretty loosely. Many companies provide supporting services, such as heavy haul trucking or crane service, but don't actually have the skilled labor required to manipulate machinery and equipment into position and set it up. The US Directory of Machinery Movers, Erectors and Riggers is designed to help you find companies that can do just that. While every company's services are a bit different, every company listed on this directory has been evaluated to determine it's relevance for inclusion.

Rigging WordingWhile this directory may exclude some companies such as crane services or heavy haul trucking, that's not to say they won't be needed for a particular job by the companies that are listed. For example, many machinery moving/rigging companies have the skilled labor to move a 125,000 lb injection mold machine into place and precision level. But they may need to hire outside companies to support the project. A specialized heavy haul trucking company may be needed to move the machine from point A to point B. A crane service may be needed with one or two cranes to lift the machine on and off the truck. The trucking and crane company obviously have a role in moving heavy equipment, but they rarely have the skilled labor necessary to complete the project as a whole. Other Machinery Moving & Installers, Rigging or Erector directories lump all these companies together making it difficult for a hiring company to find a service provider that specializes in this niche.

Featured Jobs
Machinery Moving and Rigging
Disassemble, Transport and Install
Machinery and Equipment

Ferry RS 430 Installation
Progressive install for a new
rotational molding machine

Plant Relocation
Heavy Equipment Movers & Riggers
Trucking, Rail, Storage, Demolition

Illinois to US, Mexico, Canada
Machinery Skids & Crates
Custom sized skids and crates
Stamped wood per ISPM-15

Illinois to US, Mexico, Canada
Industrial Curtain Installation
Warehouse Dividers, Food Grade
Wash Bays, Air Freight Facilities

Chicago Illinois area
Bridge Crane Installation
5 ton - 10 ton - 20 ton
Installation or Dismantle

Machinery & Equipment Storage
Heated secure and affordable
Short or Long-Term

Chicago Illinois area

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